Get involved.

Many people are eager to get involved and start making effectual changes to the world around them, and we frequently get the question, "How can I help?". Which is fantastic!

Fortunately, there are many levels of involvement and almost anyone can find something suitable for them. These options include:

  • Volunteering for a candidate you believe in. This can mean anything from block walks to reach voters, phone banking, hosting an event, or helping to pass out materials.
  • Donate to grassroots campaigns. Until we pass meaningful legislation regarding campaign finance reform, campaigns which truly represent the people will depend on the people's support. Any amount of support is helpful - no donation is too small.
  • Attend the meetings of your local Democratic party. There are many different kinds of meetings suitable for all interests and attending meetings and getting involved is free. The Tarrant County Democrats can be found here and their meeting calendar can be found here.
  • Share and promote candidates you believe in on social media. As always, try to stay positive when talking about your candidates. We always try to go high!